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           SKU : SM28004

        Whether you’re stalking your prey for long hours in the bush or shooting at the range from opening hours to closing time, you want your scope batteries to last as long as your trip does. Sightmark’s Quick Detach Battery Pack ensures that your optics get those extra hours of battery life.

        The Sightmark battery pack fits on any picatinny rail and attaches to an optic via a USB A cable. Its battery indicator LED gives the user a visual indication of a unit’s battery life while its flame-retardant ABS body ensures that the battery pack will be able to endure as much punishment as the optic it is attached to.

        With the addition of a high quality Sightmark optic, the Mini QD External Battery pack gives you those extra hours of shooting time so that you can keep making your mark®.

        Included in Package

        • USB cable

        Product Downloads


        • Rechargeable lithium-polymer battery
        • Toolless quick detach mount
        • 6,000 mAh capacity
        • Powers devices with all USB formats
        • Flame retardant ABS body
        • Battery life indicator LED


        Battery Type Lithium Ion
        Rated Capacity (MilliAmpere-hour Rating), mAh 6,000
        Input Voltage, V 5.0
        Input Amperage, A 3.0
        Output Voltage, V 5.0
        Output Amperage, A 3.0
        Battery charge indication Yes
        Input type for battery charging USB C
        Output Type for Battery Power Universal USB Type A
        Mount Type Picatinny
        Body Material Flame-retardant ABS
        Charging temperature range (F/C) 32-113 / 0-45
        Discharging temperature (F/C) 32-140/0-60
        Length (in/mm) 4.01 in / 102 mm
        Width (in/mm) 1.71 in / 43.5 mm
        Height (in/mm) 1.27 in / 32.5 mm
        Weight, oz 5.4 oz / 153 g



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