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        Alessandro Magno, Italy

        Professional Hunter

        YouTube: WILDHUNTERS OMB


        “Hunting has changed me in so many different ways – it opened my eyes to a new perspective of commitment and life.”

        Born in a family of hunters, Alessandro Magno started practicing the family tradition at the age of 12 in different countries in Africa, where he lived for nearly 13 years, before moving to Tuscany, Italy. Hunting mostly roe, fallow, red deer, and wild boar, Alessandro has travelled the world, observing, researching, and studying many animal species in their natural habitats. He has hunted in the African savanna, the snowy mountains of Alaska, and the landscapes of Australia.

        SAFARI IN AFRICA 2022

        In September 2022, Alessandro returned to South Africa for his yearly safari. While staying in a beautiful lodge outside the town of Makhanda, positioned right next to the serene Kalahari Desert, Alessandro wanted to get the best of this experience, so he paired the new Sightmark Presidio 5-30x56 riflescope with his Sabatti Rover Scout .308 Winchester.


        “Choosing the Presidio for the hunt, was a conscious decision based on several different criteria. Aside from the clear glass and the fine red dot, I needed a riflescope that could perform in different weather conditions. In fact, during the first three days and nights of the safari heavy rains and strong winds put a dent in our plans. Even though the temperature would change from 4°C to 38°C in a matter of hours, the Presidio continued to work perfectly!” Once the elements calmed down, Alessandro was able to freely hunt a variety of exotic animals, including African warthogs, antelopes, baboons, and lions.




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