Alex Koussev

Alex Koussev, Bulgaria
IPSC Pro Shooter, Production Optics
Instagram: @kouzi78
Facebook: Alex Koussev IPSC Shooter


"In my pursuit of top-tier equipment for dynamic shooting, reliability and ergonomic excellence rank as my top priorities. With over a decade spent shooting guns and currently wielding the Swiss-made Phoenix–a pinnacle of precision in the handgun world–my choice of the Sightmark Mini Shot M-Spec red dot was instantaneous. Its seamless integration onto my Phoenix Fusion Polymer handgun underlines its exceptional balance and compatibility. Having fired approximately 75,000 rounds over four years, predominantly using heavier projectiles at a Power Factor of 130, this optic has withstood my rigorous training routine–a true torture test for any optic’s durability. Crucially, the Mini Shot M-Spec boasts a lens contour and window size that perfectly cater to any dynamic shooter’s needs, ensuring unwavering dot tracking throughout every shot.”

Alex Koussev, a seasoned Bulgarian IPSC shooter specializing in the Handgun division of competitive shooting, inherited his passion from his father. His introduction to marksmanship began with a thoughtful gift his father gave him - an air rifle and pistol. From a young age, under his father’s careful guidance, Alex honed his shooting skills at park fairs. The turning point in Alex’s competitive shooting journey happened during his college years in Switzerland when he delved into the world of IPSC.
Embracing the sport, he began training at an indoor range, marking the beginning of a remarkable career. Since then, his dedication and skills have rightfully earned him the title of the best Bulgarian IPSC shooter and an impressive 2nd place in the IPSC World Handgun Production Optics rankings in 2019 and 2020.


Catalyst for reform

Alex became a catalyst for reform, as part of the team spearheading efforts to gather legislative models from other countries to shape Bulgaria’s legal framework for shooting. The group’s persistent advocacy and determination eventually led to the legalization of hand-reloading ammunition in Bulgaria, marking a transformative moment for the sport and dynamic shooting community.

Embracing innovation and reliability, Alex transitioned to the Swiss-made Phoenix handguns, an instrument of precision that perfectly complemented his shooting expertise. One of the critical components enhancing his performance was the Sightmark Mini Shot M-SPEC red dot optic. Its durability, precise targeting, and extended lifespan, especially when paired with the Phoenix’s robust design, significantly elevated Alex’s shooting performance.

Career Milestones

2019 - Silver Medal / EHC 2019, Belgrade
2019 - 4th Place at the 2019 CZ Extreme Open
2019-20 - 2nd Place in World IPSC Rankings
2020-21 - Gold Medal / European IDPA, Italy
2023 - Hellas IPSC EHC 2023 / 10th Place Overall
2023 - 12th Place in World IPSC Rankings

National Champion since 2007 in different Divisions Top International Coach for up and coming, and professional shooters. Master Class for Shooters above Intermediate level in Serbia.

“Face the challenges and maintain high levels of performance every time you enter the range and always have fun!”
"Top three personal qualities to succeed: “Patience, Perseverance, Hunger to win!”